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Gamification in Edunation

The word Gamification refers to the application of game-design theory and mechanics to non-game frameworks to further engage users. Gamification is used in several areas, such as learning processes, where it helps to make the experience more fun and interactive....

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2019 Q1 Release

We are extremely thrilled to present you with our recent enhancements that will make managing learning super easy and fun for educators! Lots of new features and enhancements in our mobile apps, registration and billing module, gradebooks and management capabilities.

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eDocuments Module

With the eDocuments module, users can generate documents pre-filled with student data, applicant data, fees and payments without leaving their Edunation account. With the eDocuments module, users can generate documents pre-filled with student data, applicant data,...

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Edunation’s Teaser

The Next Learning Environment for International Schools! Edunation is a truly international platform that joins all your needs together to give your students instant access to knowledge whenever-wherever, delivering higher learning success. Edunation is not just a...

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Mobile App Launch

Something BIG has arrived! Our new mobile app does so many exciting things that we're not even sure it is just a mobile app anymore! Unparalleled mobile experience, unmatched interactivity and user friendliness, engaging and innovative features, our new mobile app has...

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2017 Q3 Release

Well hello again! It has been an exciting quarter! Edunation is faster, more comprehensive and better than ever before. We are extremely thrilled with all of our enhancements and the doors of opportunities they will open to make managing learning super easy and fun...

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Unit & Lesson Planning and more…

Good to see you again! We've been quite busy lately working on a number of additions we think you will love. Our platform is stronger than ever, and we are constantly enhancing our core services. We are confident our new features will add value to our already...

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Announcing the launch of our new website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! We are inviting visitors to explore the uncluttered site, which has been updated to provide a superior user-friendly experience, and improved navigation and functionality.

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2016 Q4 Release

Mobile Experience, more educator tools, fees management, student registration and much much more.

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