Higher Education

Edunation helps universities and colleges use digital teaching tools to support pedagogical practice
03Registration and Fees
With our innovative registration & fees module, your organization will be able to control the flow of data for your students, teachers, parents and staff all from a centralized location.
03Be in Control

With Edunation’s unique set of permissions and access privileges, your organization will be able to control who does what with your data!

03Analytics and Monitoring
With end to end data control, the ability to manage the educational process in difference campuses and an innovative and invaluable analytics engine, Edunation is the most trusted ally for higher education institutions.

All you need for learning management

Designed with knowledge sharing and social interaction in mind, Edunation is ideal for colleges and universities that are looking to enhance the educational process

Multi-Campus, Multi-Culture
Edunation is uniquely designed to have all your campuses, regardless of physical location, integrated with each other in one harmonious operation. Because we know how important being multicultural is for higher education institutions, Edunation support 22 languages in a dual language interface right out of the box!
Empowered Faculty

From drag-and-drop eLearning authoring tools to complete administration components, Edunation has everything your faculty needs. A simple, easy to use and intuitive platform is all you need to make sure that all aspects of managing the learning operation at your institution is effective, efficient and enjoyable! 

Learning Beyond the Classroom

With Edunation’s adaptive ability to use and manage innovative learning approaches like flipped classrooms and open education, you can extend learning to anywhere your students want! You can provide advisors and coaches with access to all communication methods.

Access to your learning, at anytime and from any device!


Learning Notifications Made Easy!

Whether you are an educator getting alerts on student activities or a student that wants to track the learning material posted in their class, Edunation’s mobile app has you covered.

Platform & Device Independent!

Tablets and smart phones support, iOS and Android support. Enough said!

Incorporate Advisors & Coaches

Provide advisors and coaches with access to communication, alerts/reminders/ announcements, shared calendar with their students’ activities, direct access to course material and resources, student progress and other reports.

The only learning management system you need

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