K-12 LMS

Uniquely designed with improving the smart adoption of technology in mind, Edunation is the right choice for K12 schools!
03Back to Basics
Our unique back-to-basics approach addresses the individuality of each institution, principal, teacher and student without resorting to a bespoke development!

03It’s All in the Details!

Our meticulous attention to details, harmonious breadth of features, and adaptability make Edunation a unique platform that delivers precise tangible value to K-12 schools.

03Effective & Enjoyable!

Edunation’s plethora of features are presented to you in an aesthetically pleasing and friendly platform that enables users to report against any metrics or KPIs they need via our innovative intelligence engine.

All you need for learning management

Designed with knowledge sharing and social interaction in mind, Edunation is ideal for K-12 schools that are looking to enhance the educational process
Enjoyable Social Learning, Done Right!
Edunation gives students, teachers, parents and school staff easy to use and effective communication methods.
Access from One Place at Anytime!
With Unlimited storage and easy access from any internet-enabled device, your students and teachers will always have their learning resources by their side.
Easily Track Student Performance

Collaborative learning will enrich your students’ educational journey. Edunation’s social learning design empowers you with everything you need to make learning enjoyable.

Quickly Expand Your Learning Operation

Edunation’s multi-campus and multi-institution features allow you to add as many schools as you want to your account. 

Access to your learning, at anytime and from any device!


Learning Notifications Made Easy!

Whether you are an educator getting alerts on student activities or a student that wants to track the learning material posted in their class, Edunation’s mobile app has you covered.

Platform & Device Independent!

Tablets and smart phones support, iOS and Android support. Enough said!

Stay Connected, Stay Informed!

Parents have proven to be the most loyal users of our mobile app because they can track all of their children’s activities on this simple to use approach.
K12 App

The only learning management system you need

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