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The Best Learning Platform for K-12

Edunation joins all your learning needs into one advanced platform giving your students, teachers and parents the right tools for a simpler and more connected learning experience.


Meet the new Edunation

Learning trends change constantly and you need a system that can help you stay up-to-date with the latest global trends. Edunation’s platform is dynamic and constantly innovating helping you create ways to bridge the gap between getting left behind or staying on trend


Edunation is designed to aid easier knowledge sharing and higher social interaction between educators, students and parents, perfect for K-12 schools looking to improve the outcome of online learning.

Higher Education

Edunation gives you end to end data control, the ability to manage learning programs at different campuses and an easy-to-use learning analytics engine that makes it a trusted partner for higher education institutions.

International Curricula

Edunation interconnects multiple curricula such as IB, IGCSE, and AP and a conventional national program, making it ideal for international schools.

Top Features

Virtual Classrooms

Keep everyone focused and engaged with high quality, real-time audio and video, and a suite of collaborative tools.

Quizzes & Online Exams

Edunation provides everything you need to create high-quality quizzes and easy analysis tools for quiz scoring.


Edunation offers 22 languages. With bilingual support, you can enter data using both your primary and secondary languages.


Whether you operate as one campus or a district, Edunation provides sufficient granularity via a single-integrated platform.

Assessment & Evaluation

Every student is different, so we offer not just numerical, verbal and behavioral assessment tools, but skill-based assessment tools as well. 

A Global Curricula

A truly global platform, Edunation supports national and international curricula, such as IB, IGCSE and AP.

Seamless Planning

Planning is everything and Edunation offers you a set of tools to facilitate all your unit, lesson and grade planning.
Learning Intelligence

Smarter Learning

Edunation’s innovative an easy-to-use learning intelligence module that lets you compare and gain insights to create better learning opportunities.
eLearning Communication


Increase social learning and knowledge sharing with our powerful communication platform. 

Online LMS


With access to the Cloud, you never have to worry about sunk costs, servers,hardware, maintenance or support.
LMS Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Our smart, user-friendly and intuitive mobile app gives your students access to knowledge whenever-wherever.
Student Enrollment

Registration & Admission

Manage all your user details from online registrations and payment to transportation all in one place. 

Why Edunation?

Why should I use the Edunation Platform?

Managing the learning process design and development is an integral part of your success. Especially if you have a large audience and a great deal of subject matter to deliver. However, success also requires using the right tool for the right job. We believe that Edunation can give you everything you need to do what you do best: create differentiated educational value!

Online LMS
Why is the Edunation Platform different?

Our true uniqueness is our back-to-basics approach that addresses the individuality of each institution, principal, teacher and student without resorting to a bespoke development.

Our meticulous attention to details, harmonious breadth of features, and COTS software-level readiness and adaptability makes Edunation a unique platform that delivers precise tangible value to educational organizations without requiring them to re-engineer their modus operandi or engage in the development of proprietary systems.

All of this is presented in an aesthetically pleasing and friendly platform that enables users to report against any metrics or KPIs they need via our innovative intelligence engine.

Online LMS
What is so special about Edunation?

Edunation truly offers all you need for learning management!

Unlike many other systems, Edunation also incorporates the administration and management features for your organization. From student registration to transport management to business intelligence, all of Edunation’s abundant features can be accessed through the cloud for your convenience. No need for installation, maintenance or additional costs!

We constantly enhance our platform to maintain our functional lead and reflect our global clienteles’ needs, enabling you to benefit from the collective experience of our entire user base. 

eLearning Platform

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I had the pleasure of testing Edunation’s platform recently and while I have used platforms such as Blackboard in the past, I was absolutely blown away [by] how simple and effective this platform is – most importantly the affordability.”
Eye Level


“With Edunation’s help, our schools are creating differentiated educational value through the smart adoption of technology. “
ASG & BSA Schools

Middle East

“We are using Edunation to create and publish the best possible learning material to students and educators.”
University College of Educational Sciences

Middle East

The only learning management system you need

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