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Take Your Admissions to the Next Level with Edunation CRM

Streamline your admissions process and provide a seamless experience for staff and families with Edunation CRM. Take your admissions process one step further with our bilingual forms and efficient way of managing student enrolment – all with Edunation Candidate Relationship Management (CRM).

Edunation CRM - Admission & Student Enrollment System

Automate Admissions

Maximize productivity by streamlining admissions with online forms, automation, insights, and custom workflows that fit your school’s policies.

Customize Your Enrollment Process

Create the perfect enrollment pipeline tailored to your school’s needs. Build a system that aligns with your school’s goals and makes admission hassle-free.

Maximize Efficiency Across Schools

Unify data across your school group and make informed decisions quickly. Stay up to date with admissions activity and capacity across schools.

Bring Parents and Families on Board with Edunation CRM

Edunation CRM offers a superior end-to-end experience for parents and families, covering every step of the admissions process. Streamline the communication process between schools, parents, and students with bilingual online forms, reliable enrolment management, interview scheduling, entrance exam support, and convenient online payments.

Student enrollment & Registration
Admission Analytics & Insights

Unlock Your Admissions Potential With Edunation CRM

At Edunation, we understand the daily challenges your admissions and marketing team face. That’s why we offer a comprehensive student enrollment and admission management platform tailored to your needs to help you streamline every step of the process, from online application management to analytics tracking and re-enrolment. With Edunation CRM, you can unlock the potential of your admissions team and take your operations to a whole new level.

Admission Analytics & Insights

Take the Stress Out of Admissions with Edunation CRM

Admissions can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. With Edunation CRM, you can ensure your admissions team is equipped with the tools they need to attract, nurture and convert prospects. From intuitive data input systems to 24/7 customer service support, this comprehensive solution transforms your admissions process – making it easier and more efficient than ever before.

Edunation Admission & Registration System
Online student registration

Make Faster, More Agile Decisions With Robust Data Tools

Gain a competitive edge and use data insights to optimize your student enrollment outcomes. Monitor vital metrics such as open rates, conversion rates, lead quality and more – all in one place. Automate your admission workflowand uncover hidden opportunities and take advantage of advanced integrations for a 360° view of your student enrollment environment.

Online student registration
Numbers Speak Aloud
1.2 Million+

Student Application

15.7 Million+

Data Entries

World-Class Uptime

Embrace Automation with Edunation’s CRM Features

Revolutionize your admissions process and bring order and control to your school’s workflow. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to a stress-free, automated process that delivers results.

Student re-enrollment

Effortless Re-Enrolment

Say goodbye to manual paperwork as you automate the entire admission process with ease!

Online student application

Online Application

Make student admissions a breeze with Edunation CRM’s online form builder and inquiry collection portals.

Parent communication

Keep Parents in the Loop

Streamline and automate communication with parents to ensure they are connected and informed about their child’s admission process.

Registration insights

Make The Right Decisions

Gain valuable insights into conversion rates, marketing referral sources, and demographics. Discover the power of analytics tracking with Edunation CRM!

Data migration

Transfer Without Worry

Enjoy a stress-free transition with our superior data migration solutions, and make importing and exporting student data effortless!

Enrollment notifications

Proactive Notifications & Reminders

Keep your admission process on track with personalized, automated notifications. Never let admin tasks slow you down again!

Admission review

Applications Review

Make reviewing applications easier than ever before with a step-by-step interface. Save time and effort while ensuring that all the necessary information is provided!

Efficient registration and admission

Maximize Efficiency Across Schools

Unify data across your school group and make informed decisions quickly. Stay up to date with admissions activity and capacity across schools, while also tracking pipeline progress.

Enrollment & admission policies

Bring Order & Control

With Edunation CRM’s granular user permissions, you can assign precisely what each role is allowed to view – from Class levels to Programme details, and even specific Campuses.

Entrance exams and interviews for applicants

Smooth Event Registration

Simplify the tedious process of signing up for appointments, interviews, or entrance exams with a customizable schedule – taking away all the admin hassle.

Online payment

Convenient Online Payments

Give parents peace of mind with our online payment app. Quickly and securely accept payments without any worries – Say goodbye to tedious offline payments!

Lead acquisition

Streamline Your Lead Acquisition

Get a head start on the enrollment process with Edunation’s leads management! Collect inquiries on your website and streamline the activity into our CRM.

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