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Take Control of Your School Finances with Edunation Bursar

Welcome to a new era of school fee management with Edunation Bursar. At Edunation, we understand the complexity of tuition fee collection and financial planning. Our state-of-the-art fee management system provides a comprehensive solution for fee structure customization, automated invoicing, real-time reporting, and so much more, redefining what’s possible in school financial management.

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Experience Unprecedented Efficiency

Streamline your financial processes, reduce administrative costs, and increase productivity with our intuitive yet comprehensive platform.

Achieve Unrivaled Transparency

Get up-to-date visibility into fee structures, payments, and dues with Bursar, which is designed to keep parents and the finance team in constant communication.

Empower Your Finances with Flawless Accuracy

Envision a world where every invoice is perfect and each fee collection is faultless. Eliminate errors that can occur with manual invoicing and fee collection.

Command Your School’s Finances

Picture an effortless journey through your school’s financial landscape. Edunation Bursar equips you with the tools to effortlessly track fees, manage discounts, and keep a watchful eye on overdue payments. This is not just about control; it’s about empowering your financial decisions.

Student enrollment & Registration
Admission Analytics & Insights

Transparent Communication, Trustworthy Relationships

With Edunation Bursar, communication is clear, timely, and reliable. Timely delivery of invoices, receipts, and access to financial records via the user-friendly mobile app enhances communication and promotes trust, building a strong partnership with parents.

Admission Analytics & Insights

Efficiency at Its Best: Embrace Automation

With Edunation Bursar, the power of automation is in your hands. From handling sibling discounts to managing staff benefits and even processing late-joiner and withdrawal requests, tasks that once required manual intervention are now automated for your convenience. Even for those tasks requiring manual handling, the bulk actions feature is there to ensure maximum efficiency.

Edunation Admission & Registration System
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World-Class Uptime

Transform Your Financial Operations with Edunation Bursar

Harness the power of our features to streamline your financial tasks, improve communication, and foster trust within your school community

Student re-enrollment

Fee Structure Customization

Tailor your tuition fee structures based on grades, courses, or individual students, making your fee management flexible and adaptable.

Online student application

Automated Invoicing

Say goodbye to manual invoicing. Bursar generates and sends invoices directly to parents or guardians and sends timely payment reminders via email or SMS.

Parent communication

Real-Time Reporting

Stay on top of your financial statistics with our real-time reports on fee collection, pending fees, and more.
Registration insights

Robust Security and Compliance

Trust in our commitment to the highest standards of financial security and data privacy.

Data migration

Seamless ERP Integration

Enhance your workflow efficiency and data consistency with our seamless integration with your existing ERP system.
Enrollment & admission policies

Efficient Bulk Actions

Perform batch operations like invoicing, reminder sending, and receipt issuance for increased productivity.
Admission review

Debt Management

Track overdue payments and strategize for debt recovery.
Lead acquisition

Audit Support

Provide necessary financial data and reports for audits.
Enrollment notifications

Parent Communication

Automate communication with parents and sends timely payment reminders.
Entrance exams and interviews for applicants

Flexible Payment Plans

Address the diverse financial needs of families with our flexible payment plan feature, allowing installment-based payments and more.
Online payment

Family Account Management

Streamline communication and financial interactions for families with multiple students with our family account management feature.
Efficient registration and admission

Scholarship & Aid Management

Manage scholarships and financial aid with ease. Track awarded scholarships and aid, ensuring deserving students receive the financial support they need deserve.

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