Online Exams & Quizzes

Edunation helps schools create secure and engaging online exams and quizzes, while helping teachers and school administrators reduce workload and get informative insights.


Easy To Use

Simple and user friendly process to create and publish online exams, quizzes and assignments.

Multilingual Platform

Supports authoring tools and 7 question types with 24 languages including Arabic and English.

Reliable & Scalable

Unmatched performance through reliable, secure and scalable online assessments.

Top Features

Edunation provides everything you need to create high-quality quizzes and easy analysis tools for quiz scoring


Unified Exams For Your Students

Create online exams across multiple classes to help you better understand different levels and performance of students and teachers .

Reporting & Insights

Instantly identify areas of weaknesses and problems of each student, class, topic, academic standard, level or Teacher! Even more.

Gamified Learning Experience

Engage your students with exercises to allow self paced learning suitable for all ages, anywhere and anytime.

Every Student is Special!

Give feedback per student, per question, audio or written, give extra time for students who need it, give retakes, extend deadlines and more.

Never Grade Again

Automatic grading of quizzes relieves teachers from hours of grading time, with flexible editing and grading essays or even uploaded answers!

Reuse, Share and Organize!

Use question banks to share your questions with your school, use previously created questions, by searching on topic, standard, and subject.

Parents Engagement,Not a Courtesy!

Keep parents informed and involved in their kids progression, with a full control for the school of when and what to publish.


Report Cards

Use quiz grades in classy and professional certificates. Customize it with your logo, text and design with school branding.

Learn Anytime-Anywhere

Use student-owned devices to collect question responses, review answers instantly, and foster discussion.

Numbers Speak Aloud
2.5 Million+

Students Quizzed
6 Million+

27 Million+

Answers Collected

Easy to Use Quiz Builder

Build your own engaging online exams, quizzes and assignments that fit any kind of difficulty level.

Create your online exams & quizzes with great ease and provide your students with appropriate feedback, so they will have a rich learning experience.

Video Conferencing

Full Control Over Exams

Rest assured of the amount of control yet flexibility teachers have while preparing and performing their exams, from the number of examiners to the allocated time, attempts and order of answers, teachers can choose what suites their test environment and exam settings and select what eases their mission.

While grading, teachers are not less comfortable, grading is automatic with the ability to add feedback and grade essay questions

Thorough and Leading Analytics and Reporting

With Edunation quizzes, school heads and administration teams can review their school’s current exams status and the direction to take, it will allow them to share with their teams the sought goals and objectives that will contribute to the growth of their classes in general and each student in particular, through a comprehensive and representing reporting tools and analysis that will assist not only headmasters and supervisors, but also teachers.

Quiz Analytics

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