Edunation is proud to introduce a novel API architecture that has been rebuilt from the ground up to deliver new features faster. The current release includes the first set of new endpoints and features for developers and schools to integrate easily with Edunation. 

Edunation API

The all-new API adopts an advanced, versatile and industrially recognized leading API architecture, which sits at the core of Edunation’s strategy to enable easy customization and automation on top of our Cloud Platform. The new API makes it easier for academic institutions to leverage Edunation’s API to their specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, it facilitates easier integration with Edunation, thus allowing developers and schools to address issues quickly and react seamlessly to changing needs in the learning environment. Such a characteristic has become especially vital during the Covid-19 era, in order to respond to changes faster and more efficiently.

“We believe that integrating our education platform with other third-party software and systems via a leading API architecture is key to improved teaching performance and successful implementation of learning programs.”

A New Foundation

Edunation’s all-new API is built on an entirely new foundation with unique capabilities that offer a better yield out of the Edunation platform, while enabling us to add new functionalities faster and better. Stay tuned for more new API features in the near future!

New Developer Portal

Our technical team designed and built a new developer portal to help you get the most out of Edunation’s all-new API. This is the place to get started from with our new onboarding & authentication processes, understanding your API usage & limits and accessing documentation. More to come in the future!

The new Edunation Developer Portal offers the following:

  • Interactive try-it-now API documentation.
  • Documentation for getting started with our new API, the authentication process and request/response format.
  • Error code, rate limits and best practices about using our all-new API.
  • Sample code for integration with Edunation in various languages: Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Python, .Net and many more.
  • Updates on new endpoints and changelog.
  • More than 90 services with 270 endpoints ready for use.

All API features released initially will be available in our new – always free – Basic Access level. For most developers and schools, Basic Access provides everything you need to get started and build something extraordinary with Edunation.

For more information, visit our new Developer Portal:

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