EduSync is a data migration and import tool that makes it easy for schools to migrate their data into Edunation LMS. With superior user experience, automatic matching of columns, and a full log of changes, EduSync ensures data integrity and a smooth onboarding experience. 

Whether you’re new to Edunation or have been using it for years, EduSync makes data migration a breeze. It provides a superior user experience with an intuitive interface and automatic matching of columns that ensures accuracy and consistency. 

“EduSync is a revolutionary data migration and import tool that makes onboarding Edunation LMS easier and faster than ever. EduSync streamlines the process of migrating data from any third-party system with accuracy, consistency, and ease.”

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Onboard Faster with EduSync

At Edunation, we understand how important it is to get your users onboarded quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’ve developed EduSync – an advanced data migration tool designed to make onboarding faster and easier. With our automated column-matching system, you can upload large batches of data at once without worrying about formatting or accuracy. Plus, you’ll save time by seeing your data imported at record speed.


Streamline Data Migration with EduSync

With EduSync, migrating data from any 3rd party system has never been easier. This robust tool provides a superior user experience and supports multiple formats to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your data.


Dramatically Reduce Data Migration Workload

Dramatically reduce your organization’s workload related to data migration. With this solution, users can quickly and easily transfer large amounts of information between systems without having to manually enter each record. This leads to greater efficiency and accuracy as well as decreased labor costs. The automated process also eliminates additional errors that may occur with manual entry.

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