As educators, we understand the value of creating a safe and supportive learning environment for our students. To achieve this goal, it is important to get to know each student on an individual level, which can be challenging in a large class setting. Fortunately, Edunation’s latest LMS release makes it easy for school admins to quickly upload profile pictures for every student—helping teachers create that personal connection with their students and foster trust within the classroom. With AI-driven face recognition technology, Edunation ensures each student gets a high-quality photo without taking up too much time or effort from the admin! Read on to learn more about how profile pictures are crucial for creating a safe learning environment in your classroom.

Edunation Students Profile Pictures

“Not only do they lend a face to a name and create recognition for students, they also help teachers connect with their class on a more personal level, fostering an environment of trust.”


Edunation’s latest LMS release is set to revolutionize the way school admins handle profile pictures for their students. This breakthrough feature makes it quick and easy for admins to drag and drop all images at once, with Artificial Intelligence then handling the rest! By leveraging Artificial Intelligence for face recognition, Edunation’s AI-driven face recognition can detect each student’s face in a photo, resulting in perfectly personalized and high-quality profile pictures. No need to fuss over individual adjustments—this ensures that each student gets a professional shot without taking up too much time. 

The student profile pictures in the learning and student management systems are highly beneficial tools for teachers. Not only do they lend a face to a name and create recognition for students, they also help teachers connect with their class on a more personal level, fostering an environment of trust. For example, it has great value in pointing out students by facial recognition and confirming their presence during attendance check-ins or when grading students. With student profile pictures placed side-by-side in Edunation, teachers can easily spot unfamiliar faces or students with special needs who may require extra attention and support. Ultimately, having photos of each student readily available is an asset that can empower teachers to foster relationships with everyone enrolled in the class.

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Unlocking the Potential of Profile Pictures in Edunation

The ability to upload profile pictures for each student in Edunation LMS has many benefits, not just for educators but also for the students themselves. Here are some of the benefits that come from releasing profile pictures in Edunation:

  1. Educators can easily identify students within the LMS, saving them time and effort while keeping student administration tasks organized.
  2. Uploading profile pictures for each student is quick and easy, allowing educators to focus their energy elsewhere in their classroom.
  3. Having a personal connection with each student creates an atmosphere of trust, allowing the educator to provide support and guidance better.
  4. Recognizing unfamiliar faces or students who may need extra attention and support is made much easier with profile pictures.
  5. Allowing educators to easily confirm attendance during check-ins, saving them time in verifying student identities.
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