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When a school enquires about implementing our novel LMS swiftly during the school year, or switching platforms entirely, our reply has to be favorable, because when it comes to the educational development of our students Time is of the Essence. It is unreasonable to have schools wait, for months on end, to join our platform simply because they were not ready at the beginning of the year!

With years of experience to count on and a dedicated task force to perfect that undertaking, Edunation has become the industry benchmark in implementing a LMS smoothly and swiftly in no more than 48 hours, even during the school year or between semesters. Dozens of schools throughout the region attest to that competitive advantage, thereby transforming what is still considered a feat in the education technology industry into a mere routine procedure for Edunation.

Embark on a fascinating education journey full of anticipation and wonderful simplicity right from the beginning! The implementation procedure of Edunation starts with the Initialization phase, during which the school is treated to an introductory session about Edunation along with a resource rich Welcome Kit detailing the implementation process, which enables the school to adopt our user-friendly platform and activate all accounts on its own under our watchful eyes. Yes, Education Technology can be that simple!

During the Data Provision phase, the school compiles data about its ecosystem in great detail in practically any digital file format, by gathering information about students, teachers, courses, parents, administration and the like. Once the information is ready, few clicks are all it takes to transition your school to the most advanced and accessible LMS in the region in the Data Migration phase. Without any intervention from Edunation, in case you’re wondering! That’s the beauty of accessible yet advanced education technology. Upload the data you gathered to our platform intuitively and quickly. Alternately, our Customer Success team is a phone call or a click away to implement the entire Migration process on your behalf.

The 48-hour period concludes with the Launch phase, which is the defining moment in your school’s education journey. During that phase, Edunation conducts initial training for teachers and administrators, followed by sharing useful guides and multimedia resources, ahead of activating all accounts and launching the school’s own Edunation platform. A remarkable sense of joy and pride fills everyone’s heart.

That procedural simplicity speaks volumes about our ability to provide a methodological and carefully thought-out integration and training plan for the entire school ecosystem, backed by a properly designed LMS that exudes not just excellence but also simplicity and versatility.

Check for yourself how simple it is to Join Edunation in 48 hours


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