As part of Edunation’s constant efforts to establish rewarding regional partnerships that enhance its role in the Education Technology sector, the leading Ed-Tech platform in MENA held a Webinar with Bisan (prominent ERP provider for educational institutions in the region) and PWC (foremost provider of financial, taxation and legal services & consultations for companies and governmental / educational institutions) about the new ZATCA E-invoice compliance requirements for KSA schools, while emphasizing Edunation’s instrumental role in implementing the E-invoice solution in schools in just 48 hours!

The Webinar attracted a huge turnout of academic administrators, financial experts and accountants eager to inquire about the new E-invoice requirements – especially as it saves them precious time and reduces their variable and procedural expenses – and keen to learn about the features and functionalities provided by Edunation’s Registration & Finance module and Bisan’s educational ERP software suite to satisfy ZATCA’s requirements in a few clicks!

Edunation considers itself a credible partner to KSA schools for its ability to respond to their current requirements and emerging needs swiftly. Our desire to safeguard the traditional school environment comports with embracing technological innovation to facilitate the educational process and promote the advancement of students as per Saudi Vision 2030.

As for PWC, it assumes a leading role in the global financial services and consultations sector. Throughout its history, it earned the trust of hundreds of companies and financial institutions across the region, due to its immense experience and vast knowledge, not to mention its credibility, transparency and exacting standards.

Edunation and PWC are in harmony about the need to assist schools in complying with ZATCA’s E-Invoice requirements in the Kingdom, especially the first stage that went into effect on 4 December 2021. During the Webinar, we explained ZATCA’s requirements thoroughly, and emphasized Edunation’s role in implementing the E-invoice solution in 48 hours while complying with all requirements in a few clicks!

Edunation reassures Saudi Schools that the E-Invoice procedure is simple and easy to implement! We are also pleased to inform you that Edunation’s “Registration & Finance” module has numerous features and functionalities to comply with ZATCA’s requirements in full, such as QR code, Invoice address, VAT registration number, multi format invoicing, anti-tampering measures, etc. Additionally, in just a few months, Edunation will adopt a UUID and integrate fully with ZATCA’s E-invoice solution, in preparation for full conformity with the second stage E-invoice requirements, which is set to be enforced in January 2023.


Together for a bright academic future

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