We’re so excited to announce our latest platform upgrade. We’ve been working hard on this facelift to be able to serve and aid academic institutions that seek empowerment and differentiated educational value with the finest available learning management tool. Yes, today, with the new Edunation, and after several months of work, our platform is easier, clearer and more informative, more than ever.

Why a new Edunation?

Edunation is a powerful platform, stuffed with lots and lots of features and details that speak to every school need. But with the continued feedback and suggestions from our loyal customers, and with the unmatched support and encouragement Edunation managed to modernize, clean and freshen up the look and feel of the platform . In fact, an improved design was the number one request from our customers. We listened and designed the totally new Edunation to make teaching and learning easier, faster, and more fun for everyone.

What’s new

A simple, clear experience

Enjoy the new Edunation, with its modern, easy to use and simple new search tool. Finding information was never easier with the new Top Bar that will keep you up to date with the latest notifications and messages. The Quick Add button lets you add assignments, quizzes, exams, broadcast a message, and more.
You can search for users or navigate to your courses right from the Top Bar. And to even save you more time and effort, Edunation will save your recently accessed users and courses.

Improved navigation

Navigate at ease with the newly designed navigation system. To make it easier for you and to offer you with a larger display area and space, the menu is placed vertically to show more content without the need to scroll down.
Now, the new main menu consist of the following tabs:

  • Homepage: Personalized based on the user type; for teachers and students, it will show their courses’ list. For parents, it will show the list of their children to quickly access each’s user profile. For administrators, it will show recently accessed pages and the admin dashboard.
  • My backpack: Contains timetable, assignments, quizzes, exams, gradebooks, and curricula planning.
    • Communication: Includes school announcements, conferences (virtual classrooms), school info, news and polls.
  • Registration & Finance: Includes all management pages and reports for the registration and finance modules.
  • Reports: Contains the report cards section, all reporting categories, and templates.
  • Settings: Contains all pages that you can use to manage everything in your school account.

New homepage

The new homepage is designed to provide you with your most important information at a glance:

  • We added a 7-days calendar that indicates your tasks and events in each day. This will give you a better understanding of your current week.
  • We’ve combined the assignments, quizzes, and exams into one widget named “Tasks”. This will not only give students but also teachers a better overview of their upcoming tasks, and in chronological order.
  • Redesigned the traditional timeline, and made it clearer and easier to read and navigate through.

Analytics system (beta)

For the past ten months, we’ve been working hard on building a new decision support system based on Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to assist educators in making better and more informed decisions.
The Edunation Analytics System gives schools and educators a holistic view of data that schools will need to be able to understand the learning gaps between students. This release will help schools to:

  • Understand the adoption and engagement levels of their students, parents, and teachers at a district, school, grade, course, and even a student level.
  • Identify gaps between students in terms of grades, attendance, discipline, or distance learning engagement. Learning gaps are analyzed based on demographics, socio-economics, special education status or by any other piece of data placed in student profile.
  • Recognize the “at-risk” students, with learning and performance gaps and that resulted from a low engagement. This will also help in showing the require planning for intervention.
  • Identify teaching gaps between teachers to ensure all students have the same level of teaching quality.

The Analytics System is released in beta and will include 12 dashboards that will cover the following categories: attendance, discipline, timetable, student performance, teacher performance, user activity, parents’ engagement, registration, and re-enrollment.

Edunation will keep updating the Analytics System, adding more dashboards and features and fixing existing ones. Please track our product announcements to learn about new features in the future.

Customer communication

In line with the mission of providing updated learning solutions, Edunation launches the new Customer Service Messenger that connects administrators and LMS coordinators with Edunation’s Customer Success team for immediate response. Besides that, Edunation created a totally new Product Changes Log that will keep you up-to-date with any new features and enhancements made to the platform.
New Edunation
Edunation enhanced its critical role in creating solutions that outpace customer demands, where besides the common support channels of standard email, and support ticketing systems, the use of the instant Messenger service will allow administrators to have an immediate access to solutions regarding urgent operational issues.

The Customer Success team will offer their immediate support during working hours. Users can still leave a message for the team if issues arise off working hours and for their soonest response.

High speed and top performance

For the past few months, it has been our number one priority to make Edunation faster. Building more advanced capabilities require large investing for a faster web, Android and iOS apps and a better customer experience and satisfaction. Our servers now provide data of almost two times faster than before at peak times.

The only learning management system you need

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