High Grades for Edunation’s Latest Platform Update!

Edunation is glad to start the New Year on a high technical note by launching its latest platform update suite focusing mainly on perfecting its Grading System and Document Processing Technology. The new updates will save teachers and academic administrators considerable time and reduce error margins significantly by streamlining tasks and automating mundane yet important procedures.


Superior Grading System

Edunation’s Grading System underwent a significant enhancement that enables teachers to:

  • Copy/Paste grades from an Excel/Word file or any text format into a gradebook column
  • Copy/Paste grades from one gradebook column into another gradebook column
  • Import grades from another gradebook, regardless of group or subject, using the Import feature
  • Export grades from any group or subject into another gradebook using the Export feature


  • It used to take long time to create cross-subject gradebooks, for subjects such as Literature Studies that combines History, Geography and Civics. With this new feature, teachers can prepare their gradebooks, and upon inserting the grades, they can easily paste the final gradebooks into a new subject that combines multiple subjects.
  • Copy/Paste grades from offline sources, like documents and spreadsheets, into Edunation without inserting the grades individually.
  • Copy/Paste grades from MoE systems/reports into Edunation gradebooks.

High Grades for Edunation’s Latest Platform Update

Advanced Document Processing Technology

Edunation adopted a new advanced technology to process and view documents uploaded by users, which enables them to view PDF, Word and PowerPoint files online faster and better. The new document viewer contains numerous useful features and supports 24 languages including Arabic. All documents generated by the system will use this new technology, such as welcome messages, receipts, invoices, eDocuments, statements of accounts, etc. This is the first step in implementing the new Document Processing Technology. Stay tuned for more pioneering features in the near future.

High Grades for Edunation’s Latest Platform Update

Other Enhancements

  • Enabling selection of up to 500 courses in the Master Gradebook, thus reducing the time spent on Master Gradebooks in big schools.
  • Bulk “add courses” when adding new assignments, exams, quizzes and lesson plans.


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