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We are extremely thrilled to present you with our recent enhancements that will make managing learning super easy and fun for educators!

Mobile Apps

We implemented the following enhancements and upgrades to our iOS and Android apps:

  • Document viewer: click on any document (PDF, Word, Excel etc…) to view it in the app without the need to download it. Using this tool will enable parents and students to easily access report cards without having to open them in an external app.
  • Video player: video files uploaded by teachers and educators can be viewed by students in a video player that is embedded within the app.
  • Links: when you paste a link into an announcement or a message, it will be clickable in the app and immediately take you to the link.
  • Cross-school messaging and notifications.

Enrollment and Billing Enhancement

Customizable enrollment statuses, redesigned payment process for parents and families and deduction option.

Parent Payment

We redesigned the process of payment for a parent to significantly reduce the time needed for registering payments from parents for multiple children. The new process enables you to:

1. Generate one receipt for the parent instead of generating a receipt for each child.
2. Add multiple payments on the same page, i.e., 100 cash + 300 Cheque.
3. Automatically distribute the amount paid on children equally or based on their installment due amount.
4. Automatically calculate the remaining amount and add it to the last child.


We’ve added a deduction functionality to the student payment page. For example, to add “One term deduction” or “Cancellation deduction”, follow these steps:

1. Click on “Deduction” button.
2. Insert the percentage of the deduction (33%).
3. Edit the name of the deduction (optional).

Customized applicant status

You can now add your workflow for registration and specify custom subtypes. To do so, go to Account Settings > Static data > Applicants Sub-Status.
For each sub-status you create, you need to select the main applicant status and write its name in both languages used in your school.

Re-Enrollment allowed debt

You can block students from re-enrolling in the next academic year if they have outstanding payments for the current academic year. To do so, go to: Management > Enrollment & Billing > General Settings > Allowed debt for students – Re-Enrollment.
Any debt exceeding the specified amount disables the re-enrollment process for these students.

Change-log for applicants

Track and see any changes done for applicants, not only status change, but also changing group level, class, assigning entrance exam, interview, etc.

Color-coded statuses

When you edit the status of an applicant, the list of statuses has become color-coded to help you better identify the wanted status.

Approve assigned applicants

While assigning the applicant to a group level was mandatory to approve them, you now have the option to require assigning the applicant to a class as well. You can do this by going to Management > Enrollment & Billing > General Settings > Require Class for Approval.

Registration analytics report

You can now perform analysis on applicants in each group level, not only by status but also by adding more info – open the report and choose the additional info you want in the report; you can select from a list of built-in fields and/or your custom fields.

Grades and Assessments

Add cross-course gradebooks, edit max grades for calculated grades, view gradebooks by internal subjects and much more.

Delete master gradebook

Deleting master gradebook deletes all gradebooks generated using this master. The system alerts you twice before it confirms deleting it:

First time: The system shows a message that deleting the master gradebook also deletes all gradebooks generated using it.

Second time: After you confirm the first one, if there are some grades added by teachers in these gradebooks, the system shows you a message that there are ## grades to be deleted if you proceed.

Cross-course gradebook

You can now add grades from other courses to gradebooks (regular gradebooks NOT master gradebooks).

To do so, when you add an existing grade in a gradebook, open the filter option and change the course filter to the course you want. This way you can add a calculated grade from multiple grades in multiple courses.

Edit max grade for calculated grades

Calculated grades used to be out of a max of a100 only, and you could not change this. From now on, you can set different max grades in master and regular gradebooks. Once you add a calculated grade, you can edit the default max grade of 100 to whatever you want.

Grades summary new print layout

To show more data in the printed grades summary report, we made headlines of the report vertically aligned, and decreased each column width.

Users Management

New enhancements and capabilities to give LMS coordinators more control with less effort.

Bulk update for family and siblings address

Once you update an address for a student or parent, the system asks you if you wish to copy this address to all siblings/ parents/ children. This way you can save time updating address fields for your users.

Parent contact details added to the student profile

In the student user profile, you can see his/her parent’s contact details if you scroll down. This way you can save time searching for a parent, opening parent’s profile, and getting their contact details.

More info in user profile

In the user profile, we added the type of the viewed user (teacher, parent, student, etc.). If the user is a student, then you will see his main class name as well (Grade 1A, Grade 2-Blue, etc..)

More fields in export users

We added new fields to export users: New/Re-Enrolled, total fees, total paid, and balance.

Customized permissions

You can limit printing welcome messages and resetting the user’s password to specific user types; for example, you can limit the secretary to print welcome messages only for students and parents but not for teachers or admins. To change the permission, go to Management > Permissions > Edit > specify user types for the permission “Print Welcome Message” (#518).

Edunation Got Faster

As we build more advanced capabilities into Edunation, and as more schools use Edunation to manage their learning and teaching processes, the app tends to become slower to load. For the past few months, it has been our number one priority to make Edunation faster.

As a result of our investment in a faster web app, accessing information from our Android and iOS is also faster. Our server now provides data which is almost two times faster than before.

Other Enhancements

Import timetable by date range

When you import your timetable, you can apply the changes to a specific date range if the changes you made are not across all the academic year.

Translated data scanner tool

We’ve translated the Data scanner tool to 22 languages. All messages, statuses, and actions appear according to the selected language.

Default payment method

Set the default payment method in enrollment and billing settings. Use the most frequent payment method that your school uses to save some time for your users.

Enrollments menu

We changed the menu of payments and enrollments in the user profile page to make it easier for navigation.

Transportation fees

Transportation fees are now linkable, and direct the user to his transportation page.

Manage financing parties

You can manage and set your Financing Party list: Account settings > static data.

Required documents

We enhanced the user experience in the required documents page.

Add discounts

We redesigned the Add Discount page in the user profile page.

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