Well Hello Again!

It has been an exciting quarter! Edunation is faster, more comprehensive and better than ever before. We are extremely thrilled with all of our enhancements and the doors of opportunities they will open to make managing learning super easy and fun for your educators! Let’s have a look at our top enhancements for this quarter!

Bigger and better does not mean slower!

We are continuously adding more and more features to Edunation, but not at the expense of speed! Edunation is now packed with new reports like behavioral, general comments, attendance, user statistics and data validation reports. All reports offer advanced filtering and export functionalities while simultaneously making Edunation 1.5x faster.

It really is all about getting all the information you need as fast as you can get it!

  • Behavioral notes: Show all behavior notes that were registered for classes, subjects, teachers, students and any other criteria. The report, with all of its findings, can be printed and exported to Excel.
  • General comments: Show all general comments and their category for each student.
  • Attendance Summary: shows attendance summary along with the behavior statistics in one report.
  • User Statistics: Get insights on your users in just a few clicks. You can now get immediate info on how many males/females you have in each grade, users distribution by nationality, religion, birth year and many more options.
  • Data validation: New reports have been added to ensure that any data entered in Edunation is validated to help you make sure you didn’t miss adding any course, gradebook or timetable.
  • Course Grades: Sorting by column is now enabled as well as assigning flexible grade weights.
  • Exceptional Grades: Added more operands for report and data generation. Moreover, it will show any student who has missing grades for a specific grade type.

Planning is a great tool, Follow-up makes it greater!

Edunation empowers educators with everything they need to easily create, view, and share high-quality units that align learning goals, assessments, and strategies. That’s not all! Edunation’s unique unit planner features now support educators with easy to use and understand reports to ensure academic goals attainment! From yearly views per grade to detailed insights per students, Edunation gives you the ability to monitor, track and report against all unit plans progress and generate reports in any format you need!

  • Curriculum view: Shows the yearly view of all unit plans for any specific grade.
  • Analytics: Shows in-depth insights of the covered items, objectives and standards covered for each grade and for each student.
  • Overview: Shows all of the unit plans details for specific grade and export full units to excel or download them as PDFs.

Communication, Communication, Communication!

Having a comprehensive data store for all the information about your students is essential to the effectiveness of any communication you wish to send to your stakeholders. Edunation now facilitates even more data formats to ensure you are recording all the right information for your students.

Not only that! Edunation now offers the ability to send multiple emails to multiple addresses if you wish to ensure that your key emails and communication messages always get a listening ear. Well, maybe a reading eye in this case!

Grading should be as fun as teaching!

Yes, you read that right! Grading should be as fun as teaching! That is why Edunation now gives educators easy and instantaneous access to innovative gradebooks and simplify the process of grading immensely.

Not only that! Edunation gives each educator the ability to view the history and revisions of any report cards you generate to ensure that you always have a backup version of the outcome of all gradebooks! So it is easy, fun and perfectly safe to use. What more could you ask for?

Better functional and bilingual support, happier users!

It is essential for Edunation’s success to continuously make things easier for users. That is why, and with each update, more support is furnished to features you might have thought could not get any better! Edunation now boasts more comprehensive bilingual support, better user profile experience, additional filters, sorting features, and analytics operators. The more tools are available to you, the easier your tasks will become!

Enrollment and Re-enrollment, complicated no more!

With our new enrollment and re-enrollment features, Edunation ensures that you have all the right tools and supporting information for your enrollment processes. Whether it is for new students or existing students, our new enhancements allow you to sort, filter and report against a number of metrics that ensure your operation’s sustainability. And yes, that includes all supporting justifications of enrollment or blocking!

  • Bulk actions toolbar was added to facilitate easier actions such as adding fees, blocking students, adding notes, adding payments and much more.
  • Save filters preferences is now available to ensure that the filters will not reset when you leave the page.
  • The re-enrollment module now support adding block reason to facilitate transparency of processes and efficiency of information storage.

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