Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each. Plato

Why us

  • Customizable platform addressing each institution’s specific needs and requirements
  • Free training (IT Staff & Teachers)
  • Tens of thousands of users worldwide
  • Support 22 languages
  • Free cloud storage
  • A safe social learning environment
  • A platform for individual and group learning
  • Follow-up, management and evaluation of teaching and learning processes
  • Taking advantage of thousands of educational resources and lessons
  • Measuring student performance, and customizing content according to learning skills
  • Blended Learning
  • Open Education

Thousands of users

Support 22 languages

Unlimited free storage


On Edunation, teachers can continue classrooms discussions online, give quizzes to check for students understanding and report on performance and behavior. Students can share their knowledge; connect to their fellows and strengthening their abilities using Edunation eLearning and social features. reports.

On the other hand, Edunation encourages parents to be involved more in the educational process: they can track their sons’ progress, behavior record and discover their sons’ weaknesses using out of the box

Communication between students, teachers, parents and educators

Engage, Share and Educate

Edunation enables users to effectively manage and share learning resources supporting, efficient re-use of existing internal learning materials. Edunation brings the social media features into education and personalized learning with a powerful user-centered social learning tool.

Within Edunation, users can include documents, media files, presentations and more that help their personal learning journey. Users can then easily share their achievements and knowledge.


Combining the formal and informal learning experience, Edunation is propelling the eLearning experience into the future. Pairing innovative, learning tools, accessibility best practices, powerful measurement and assessment options, and standards-based technology with integrated social learning and sharing and customized personalization options.

The users are always connected using the most recent eLearning technologies available: video / audio conferencing, online presentations, instant messaging and desktop sharing.

Pairing innovative, learning tools, accessibility
            best practices, powerful measurement and assessment options

Teacher’s Performance Evaluation

Edunation help schools to monitor and analyze teacher’s performance and achievements through various methods of reporting.

Edunation evaluate the teacher performance on daily\monthly\yearly basis without any additional manual reports that usually requested by the administration. Edunation can compare teacher’s work with another, in different aspects, learning efficiency student’s performance, student’s attendance, student’s behavior etc.

Reports & Analytics

Edunation provides a large set of reports that can be customized and tied to student success, retention, graduation, and accreditation scenarios. Analytics can be used to understand key patterns and report against institutional metrics and for reporting on engagement data and achievement results at multiple levels of the organization and assessment item analysis.

Edunation is "one-stop shop" repository for all tactical and strategic reporting on student achievement.

Edunation help schools to monitor and analyze teacher’s performance and achievements


Edunation servers are hosted at a secure facility which protected by the most modern access control in-use with dedicated facility management spaces. Only Edunation authorized technical staff can access the servers physically.

256-bit SSL (https) is enabled by default on all user accounts. Account passwords are encrypted using double MD5 hash format within our database. All credit card payments are processed with full PCI-compliance.