Edunation LMS

Go beyond virtual classrooms.
Take your entire school online.

All-in-one LMS

Edunation is an online learning and management system supporting academic institutions from K-12 to higher education. Our platform helps you digitally optimize all your school functions so you can give your entire community, from students and parents to teachers and staff, the best possible school experience.

All-in-one LMS
Build your LMS

Build and design a flexible solution that adapts to your school’s specific needs and goals.

Optimize learning and teaching

Optimize time, maximize insight and keep your data intact by combining all your school’s functions in one platform.

LMS Support & Training

Benefit from a dedicated support team available on the ground, ready to respond to any issues or queries.

Responding to every step in your school's journey

Student Enrollment & Registration

Welcome new students every term.

Student Tuition and Admission

Manage payments for fees and tuitions.

Student Information System

Create user profiles for your community.

Virtual Classrooms

Deliver knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Assignments, quizzes and online exams

Customize exams for every purpose.

Assessments and Report Cards

Assess students and create report cards.

Education forms and surveys

Build and share surveys and forms.

Messaging and Communication

Send and receive updates and follow-up.

Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring

Keep track and watch over every detail.

Analytics and Learning Intelligence

Take a more intelligent way to school.

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