Save Money & Time
with Edunation FORMS

Receive information about any
topic from anyone, in just a few


Save Money & Time
with Edunation FORMS

Information commands Respect! It has the power to transFORM
Schools and the Academic Community as a whole. Empower
teachers, uncover academic concerns, allay parents and
enrich student experiences like never before.

Receive information about any
topic from anyone, in just a few


Collect Data

Collect more Data from Anyone at Anytime

Your options are boundless!

Information Up to Date

Keep your Information up to date

In just a Few Clicks!

Save Money And Time

Save Money
And Time

Your options are boundless!

Forms Practical Applications


Budget Request

Student Performance Evaluation


Parental Request

Wellbeing & Bullying

Event Signup & Feedback

Parental Consent

Membership Nomination

Applicant Screening

Perfect Correlation between Edunation Forms
and your School’s Education Data

Key Features

Types of Answers

Seventeen Types of Answers

Share a secure link to your Form with other
users outside Edunation. Your Forms are
automatically responsive to all types of
devices: desktops, tablets, phones.

Types of Answers

QR Code

Easily share your Form with other users on
mobile devices. QR Codes can be scanned
with an App so users can quickly and
conveniently access your Form instead of
typing a long URL.

Types of Answers

Electronic Signature

Easily capture electronic signatures from any
device. Quickly gather signatures for
contracts, payments, consents, etc.

Types of Answers

Dozens of Templates

Choose among tens of ready templates
designed for your specific Use Case.
You can edit them as well!.

Types of Answers

Multilingual Forms - Bilingual Data Entry

View Edunation Forms App in 24 languages
and request data entry in two languages.

Types of Answers

Conditional Logic -Branching-

Create smart online Forms that react to the
user’s input. Easily show or hide fields and
sections to personalize your Form

Invest Less on Resources
and More on Education!

Let’s build your Edunation Forms

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