The road to outstanding

Edunation is proud to invite you to our highly anticipated ACTUS webinar, our latest solution to help UAE schools increase their Ratings at KHDA, ADEK & SPEA Inspections and ensure NAP compliance.

Sarry Hattar, Edunation Product Manager, will detail the numerous benefits of ACTUS and explain how the latest advancements in AI & Machine Learning can secure the future of your school. All in Minimum Time & Maximum Impact!

The English Webinar will be held on:

Thursday 30 June 2022 at 12:00 pm Dubai Time, Via Zoom.

Increase rating in KHDA

Compile Data & Build Reports in Minimal Time

Time is Money!
Prepare Attainment, Progress and SEF Reports Easily & Efficiently anytime
during the year.
No more Hard Work & Frantic Effort!

Increase school ratings at ADEK

Analyze your Academic Performance

ACTUS is designed to Identify and Analyze your Academic Problems & Gaps in a Few Clicks!

Increase rating in KHDA

Benefit from Targeted Recommendations

ACTUS Learns & Understands your school’s data using AI & ML.

ACTUS empowers you to Increase your School’s Rating by highlighting
areas of improvement and issuing targeted recommendations.

ACTUS is your Guide to Higher Ratings

Prepare for NAP and achieve Higher Ratings in KHDA, ADEK & SPEA School inspections.  All in Minimum Time & Maximum Impact.

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